High Res Images for Retina Display

Welcome to high res images gallery for retina display for your high DPI screen displays. High resolution retina display means 220 pixels per inch with support of millions of colors. High density was introduced first time by Apple’s product iphone. High res retina displays have lots of pixels, 220 pixels per inch, in a wide range of colors.

Pixilation is not easy to see however displaying the images, pictures and text smoother is possible by high resolution retina density. Although this pixilation theme was introduced by Apple but currently Nokia and Samsung are also manufacturing their devices supporting retina displays. Definitely users like the display due to its gorgeous, smooth in running and viewing, millions of colors supporting to eye frequency and its soberness. High res wallpaper apps on your one specific screen actually defines the preciousness of your smart phone.

High Resolution Wallpapers for Retina Display


If you have retina screen but you put less DPI display theme, it means you are strongly devalue your precious device due to matchless display. Presently many of devices have come with retina screen in landscape as well as in portrait dimensions. However in this post you can search out landscape high resolution image wallpapers in different scenes stunning captured in directly or animated by 3D graphics. Do not feel it worry to download, all images are freely download and you have to face no many steps to download, just one click is require. You can find out 1024 x768px, 1260 x 840px, 1440 x 900px, 1600 x 1200px, 1920 x 1080px and 1920 x 1200px resolutions.

Here I would like to numerically clarify about the retina displays introduced by the Apples. Following resolutions are specifying some particular devices like Apples Devices.

320 x 480px iPhone/3G/3GS, 640 x 960px iPhone 4/4s, 640 x 1136px iPhone 5, 1024 x 1024px iPod & iPad 2, 2048 x 2048px iPad 3 Retina Display.

Most Common Screen Size for Android Phones;
240x320px ldpi, 320x480px mdpi, 480x800px hdpi, etc. Furthermore, it can be alter with new introduced resolutions.

High Res Images for Retina Display

It is reality by using retina display with high res image wallpaper definitely provides a relaxation to your eyes and you will feel a count able difference between Retina display and Non-Retina display. You can see the display clearly shadowy with Non-Retina screen. This happened due to low resolution display theme being enlarged to full the screen that causes to break the pixels and display outlook appears to disgusting. Conversely Retina Display scales to twice pixilation and makes the display strongly smooth.

Our today’s gallery provides you dozens plus most stunning, alluring and eye attracting high res images wallpaper background themes to be put on Retina Display screen in different scenes like nature, fruits, flowers, celeb’s pics, kid’s pics, auto images and so many other beautiful views.

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