Wild Animals High Resolution Wallpapers

You can download freely wild animals high resolution wallpapers for PC desktop, laptop, iphone, ipad, MAC, Tablet, android and other mobile screen’s display with high res images of lion, zebra, snake, frog, dog, cat, tiger, wolf, rabbit, camel, elephant and so many other animals likely to live in forests. You have seen before these animals in simple snaps but here you can find them in high resolution pixilation.

Resolution is the capability of the sensor to observe or measure the minimum object clearly with distinct limits. Basically there is a difference between the resolution and pixel. Pixel is actually a unit of the digital explanation of an image depends upon the size. However, resolutions depends how much size of the pixel. An image with smaller size of pixel might consist of more pixels and it depends on the amount of colors and information in given in the image. Resolution may same of an image but there pixel’s amount may vary as shown in below example.

Pixiv High Resolution

2048×1536 means 2048 pixels in width and 1536 pixels in height and it can be more calculated in to 2048×1536= 3,145,728 pixels or 3.1 Mega Pixels. Simply this resolution can be written as 2048x1536px. More resolution correlations can view in below pixilation details. Right now you can browse your beloved wild animal’s high resolution image wallpaper background for your own display to be looking it gorgeous and beautiful. Let see the gallery.

Download Free Wild Animals High Resolution Wallpapers


Resolutions for;
Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

Widescreen Resolutions;
1280 x 800px, 1440 x 900px, 1680 x 1050px, 1920 x 1200px, 2560 x 1600px and 2880 x 1800px.

High Definition Resolution in Pixels;
1280 x 720px, 1366 x 768px, 1600 x 900px, 1920 x 1080px and 2560 x 1440px.

Full Screen Resolutions 4:3 (For Windows)
800 x 600px, 1024 x 768px, 1152 x 864px, 1280 x 960px, 1400 x 1050px, 1440 x 1080px, 1600 x 1200px, 1680 x 1260px, 1920 x 1440px, 2048 x 1536px and 2560 x 1920px.

Most Common Screen Size for Android Phones;
240x320px ldpi, 320x480px mdpi, 480x800px hdpi, etc. Furthermore, it can be alter with new introduced resolutions.

Ultra HD 4K Resolutions Size;
3840 x 2160 and Original

Following resolutions are specifying some particular devices like Apples Devices.

320 x 480px iPhone/3G/3GS, 640 x 960px iPhone 4/4s, 640 x 1136px iPhone 5, 1024 x 1024px iPod & iPad 2, 2048 x 2048px iPad 3 Retina Display.

Profile Photo Covers Resolutions;
2120 x 1192px Google Plus Profile Covers Large, 940 x 180px Google Plus Profile Covers, 1500x500px Twitter Header Cover and 851 x 315px Facebook Covers.

How to Download and Save

Do not feel it hard, it’s very simple to download wild animal wallpapers. Follow the steps for each device.

  • For desktop, hit a right click on the image and select “Save Image as” to save it the folder or select “Set as Desktop Background” to put on screen directly.
  • For mobile, go in setting, select the image from gallery and select the theme and push Ok button.
  • For iPhone/iPad, tap and hold it within 2 seconds on the image then select “Save Image”.
  • For MacBook OS X, drag it onto your desktop>System Preferences>Desktop icons, open drop down and choose Folder to find the new wallpaper theme on the computer.
  • Mac OS 9, drag it on to your desktop>Control Panel>Appearance>Set Desktop and select new wallpaper you want to put on.

Wild Animals High Resolution Wallpapers

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